Physical Fitness And Health

physical fitness and health
What would be a good major/minor for health/fitness careers?

I am most likely going to major in business and just changed my mind from minoring in marketing to some type of health/fitness career. Something along the lines of a personal trainer, physical therapist, ect. What other careers are out there in fitness that are well paying and can require atleast an associates degree? What would the major/minor be called?

Physical Education major covers all that material. Also, athletic training is a good major as well. They both cover a lot of biology (lower level courses), kenesiology, anatomy, physiology, etc. To become a trainer, you will need to take an aditional “class” (it’s like a week or something) and then pass a training test (24 hour fitness will have info on that). Other careers are of course, PE teaching, athletic trainer (leaning toward medical/healing injuries/etc), physical therapist, personal trainer, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. There are a ton or resources out there, it would not take a too much research to find them. Good luck. (You could always mix the business and health professions in some creative way. You could be a pioneer! 🙂 Again, good luck!