Percentage Of Marriages That End In Divorce

percentage of marriages that end in divorce
If Saudi Womens are Treated like Queens then why !!?

Then Why The Divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is 2nd HIghest in the world ??
The court registers 40 marriages and 20 divorces a day.
Sixty-two per cent of marriages in the western region in Saudi Arabia end in divorce, with a large percentage of those being less than 25 years of age.
33 Saudi women get divorced daily.
With 60% divorce rate, the Eastern Province witnessed 60% divorce rate in 2006, the highest.
Hanabee – dont get offended if this is happening in ur country
Reem thanks for the info ! can u also provide us with divorce stats? please
Blue P – A user here said they are treated like queens
Na2sa – thanks

The divorce rate is high because the men are incredibly ugly

Have you seen a Saudi man? tHEY are darker than dark, and ugly as hell