Past Life Death

What do I do with the information I feel is from a past life?

Since I was a child, I began having dreams that were more than “dreams” while asleep. They are profound and are with me still today. I remember being married into a Jewish family with 3 children during the war (1940″s). My husband was taken from me and my children…I know that my children now are from then. The love with my husband was like no other. I long to see him again (?) The pain I had by the loss of my loved ones is so great, I do not feel it goes away upon death. My “father from then” came to me and told me, ” you are alive but you are not living”…he meant that I can not go on simply surviving in “this life”, but must live it fully. To live life previously, I had to survive pysically, but emotionally and spiritually, I was dead. Strange though, I do not feel like I need to “get over it and forget it” there is a strange comfort in knowing this even though it hurts. I just want my family back.

Listen to your father. I do not doubt that your dreams or memories are real, but they are just that – memories. How would you counsel your children in this situation? Don’t forget the past, and learn from your mistakes, but focus on the present. You are alive, and you have a family now that needs you.

Like a past lover, you must move on from your memories and make your life anew. You must help your children to find their way by giving them your full attention in this life. And this is not only about your children, but it is also about giving yourself permission to give your current life your full attention.

You are alive now for a reason. Live your life to the fullest and get all that you can out of the experience.