Out Of Body Experience

Paranormal Question-Have you ever had an out of body experience where you left your physical body?

And you could see the body you left on the floor.

This is a very common experience but has nothing to do with any paranormal event, sometimes it’s just simple day dreaming, but most OBEs are encountered by people either in operating theatres or have had some traumatic accident or heart attack and their brains are literally starved of oxygen.

With regards to operating theatres, there’s an on going experiment in many such departments all over the world where ‘messages’ are left in high places in the room, which cannot be seen from the operating table, but which would easily be seen by any ‘out of body’ person looking down at themselves, the most common reported hallucination, after 10 years none of these ‘messages’ have been mentioned by such people.

I’m sure you will get some intresting replies of such experiences, they can seam very real to those who have them, but then so do most hallucinations.

EDIT; It’s a lovely idea ‘Dr. C.S.N.G’ I agree with you if peple enjoy living in dreamland, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what they want from life.

I can’t see how anyone can test themselves when they’re dreaming or think they’re dreaming, how would you know.