Old Disney Movies

old disney movies
why don’t they air the old disney movies?

Susie Q
Wish Apon a Star
The Paper Brigade
Don’t Look Under the bed [my favorite!!]
Horse Sense
Rip Girls
Stepsister from Planet Weird
Ready to Run
The Other Me
Phantom of the Megaplex
Jumping Ship
Tru Confessions
The Scream Team [MY FAVORITE]
You Wish!
Pixel Perfect
Now You See it…

They should have a week every year on Disney where they air the old movies. That would be amazing. A lot of those movies are waaaay better than Camp Rock and High School Musical.

Please tell me what you think, and which is you favorite movie!

I’m a sentimental person, and these movies were apart of my childhood.
For anyone who’s interested, I found Susie Q. It’s on Youtube. It’s uploaded by Hammer1785

i was thinking the same thing!! and i was talking to some of these little girls that watch disney and they like the kissing and stuff! i noticed that the old ones have more action and plot but the new ones are all based around cute guys and relationship drama, kids these days are into that kinda stuff.. weird huh.