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nutrition and fitness
I am a waitress in need of some or fitness advice on nutrition?!

I have some questions … so I'll try to do short. I'm 21. Man. 4'10 3 / 4 "is my size. I weigh 105 pounds. I work as a waitress in a restaurant on the street … In 45 hours per week … changes + Long long hours to hurry to his feet. So my situation: How can I eat well and get enough exercise, when: 1. My days are long and constantly evolving. I often have to work in my break, and options for dining out (even with my 75 percent off) does not seem worth it. It is rather fat or fattening (including snacks) or very low nutritional value … But do HUNGRY FOR WORK. AND 2. I spend so much time on my legs hurt, and the idea of ​​a routine exercise outside of work seems daunting for me. So I guess my question is … advice / information on this situation? Tips to keep healthy? What kind of impact, in any case be a waitress I have in my body or fitness in general?

I was a waitress most of my adult life, so I know what you are saying! When I was in Weight Watchers leaders always seemed to be very helpful with questions from the public on matters diet on the job, but when I asked him basically what you ask, I looked as if he had three heads … have no idea what does not 9-5. Therefore, I had to do it myself. What you should do is make sure that the chefs at work know you're trying to eat healthy and if we do get the sense REMAKE! You would for a client, right? So do it for you. Make sure you have a good breakfast with some protien, carbohydrates and some kind of fruit. If you eat at work, the cooks prepare the eggs with the liberation "of food, which is a version of Pam spray oil restaurant. 99% of all restaurants to use it in their schedules for pancakes and other, so it should have its own restaurant. Cut the butter on your toast and eat a banana, melon, grapefruit or strawberries. Take snacks with you that you can eat while working. There are many of these 100-calorie snack pack back now. I like to have South Beach Diet granola and mix with a light and Fit Dannon (sugar free fat free) yogurt. If you have a sandwich there, leave with mayonnaise and / or butter and ask for more vegetables (lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, olives, etc.) or a salad and bring your own low fat or fat free. In regard to leg pain, most people forget is that when you're on your feet for 8-10 hours to exercise. If you went to a gym and worked for a long time, to run after your workout, no? Why not when you get home from work? Probably do not need to do more in the way of aerobic activity, but you have to do a strength training and then you need to STRETCH! Especially the legs and back. Try a yoga or pilates beginning cassette or CD. It's easy, and you'll be amazed how you feel after a day or two. My other suggestion is just to make sure who is taking a multi-vitamin if you are not already that. Since you're so busy, you're probably not receiving adequate nutrition and make sure you take a multivitamin with breakfast and a complex of B vitamins with lunch. B group vitamins that provide energy (Check the ingredients of Red Bull – is full of B vitamins). Take care and good luck.