No Fault Divorce

no fault divorce
Why does a fault divorce not carry a penalty in english law for the person found at fault?

My wife and I are getting divorced on the grounds of her admitted adultery. Why is there no penalty for her in respect of her actions? Why should she be entitled to equal treatment when it comes to division of marital assets, care of our son, tax and benefits, etc? In many ways it appears the system is actually biased towards her due to her being female, especially in regard to my son’s care. Surely someone who repeatedly commits an immoral act is less capable of bringing up a child to understand right and wrong?

Don’t even bother to fight over soul custody of a child, what ever the mother has done, a mother will almost always get the child, unless proven unfit, which technically an immoral act does not make a person an unfit parent in the eyes of the law.
On everything else that you have said I totally agree with you 100% In some countries adultery is punishable with a prison sentence.
I suppose this is also where a prenuptial agreement comes into play, before marriage outline what disqualifies the partner from getting their share of what ever