Next Life After Death

do you believe in life after death?

my answer to this question is yes I do believe. I have had a couple of experiences that make me have a firm believe in life after death. My adopted mother died, she only had one leg, the other leg was amputated by a train. She never went on a train after the accident. I went to pick up her ashes and then I went to the station to go home. I put the little bag in which I was given her ashes next to me on the seat. I then started thinking Barbara in life you never went on a train after the accident. Now I am taking you home in a train. Suddenly I saw a little pigeon in the desserted station, it came and stood in front of me, and looked at me with kind eyes moving its head from side to side, for a while, then I realised the pigeon didn’t have the left leg just like Barbara. For me it was my adopted mum. That is why I do believe in it.

there is no death just transition to another state of being.