News Health Article

news health article
Is there any way in which health care benefits businesses?

Health care is good for insurance companies, people who don’t have access to health care, and those in the medical profession, since they’ll be in higher demand.

I remember a news article about Walmart supporting the health care bill. So I’m assuming it offers a benefit here somehow… I do know that Businesses which don’t provide health care to their employees are penalized, perhaps this penalty cost is less than how much it would cost the business to provide health care for all its employees?

What do you think of Obama-care?

Healthcare is of benefit as a healthier workforce is a more productive one.

Regaring Obama care I am in favour of it. First of all, Obama wants to make insurance more available to all. And change the system so that it is cheaper, and also so that the insurance companies find it harder to get out of paying for treatment. The system he is proposing looks similar to that which works in Holland.

Second, of course universal health-cover sucks. That is why we in Western Europe have it. We think, hmm, our healthcare system sucks. I know, lets keep it. I guess that is the same with Japan and Canada as well.

FACT – the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet.

FACT – the US has higher death rates for kids aged under five than western European countries with universal health coverage.

That means that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, Japan etc, all of which have universal health coverage.