Near Death Experience

Has anyone had a near death experience or vision, where they saw loved ones, that looked younger?

I’m trying to figure out if people can look younger in heaven.
The only thing I can do, to find this out, is ask people who have seen their loved ones in either: A near death experience, or a dream?

Yes I had many dreams about my love ones in which they were much younger Here one of my dream ;; Last Nov I had a dream about my mother [ who died 35 yrs ago ] I went into a store and there she was ; I said Mother ; she walk toward me and said ;; Steve had cry a lot about her ;; I gave her a hug and she hug me back ; so I start crying ; because it was so REAL that I could feel the softness of her skin on my cheek and I woke up crying ;; In the dream she was very well dress and she was younger than when she died