My Life After Death

is it possible to write my persuasive speech about life after death?

i want to do my persuasice speech on life after death but is this possible? i want to persuade people to believe in reincarnation but how do i go about doing this? do i need sources and stuff where do i get that?

Start by figuring out what you want to talk about; life after death or reincarnation? Life after death evokes the image of heaven or hell or some other place our souls go after we die. Reincarnation means we return here to earth in another body. It’s easier when you use terms that are less easily misunderstood.

Then, speak from the heart. Tell people what it means to you. Cite references. Just be aware that there are no acceptable academic references as you are talking about a belief, not a known fact. Your references are going to be just as suspect as your topic. Just be aware of that.

And last, have a goal that you can accomplish for your speech. If your goal is to make people believe, then you will fail because that’s an impossible goal. If your goal is to speak passionately about your beliefs and to leave you audience with food for thought and a more open mind, then you can be successful.

Just my 2 cents worth, of course.