Musical Beauty And The Beast

musical beauty and the beast
What is a good audition song for Beauty and the Beast: The Musical?

I am somewhat of a soprano. If you listen to the song Reflections by Christina Aguilera then you can have an idea for my vocal range. I’m only in highschool and I’ve always been in theatre but i’m terribly nervous about this audition! Help would be appreciated…..
yes i know about being prepared.. i’ve done theatre for years. and sorry but i refuse to sing a song from beauty and the beast. very amateur

Ok well first of all, always remember that the people you are auditioning for want you to do well. So don’t be nervous, as long as you are prepared, you’ll do great. Some things to remember when auditioning.
1. Don’t sing a song, or perform a monologue from a play that the director has recently done.
2. Don’t use anything from the play you are auditioning for.
3. Dress up a little.
4. Using a song from a musical that is not as well known is a good idea too, some songs are overused. (Wicked and Annie are some examples of plays that are overused.)

I’d suggest using a song from a Disney movie, or one from a Broadway musical that is similar to this one. When I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast I sang “I won’t say (I’m in love)” from Hercules. So that one may work for you.

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