Michael Jackson Life And Death

Did Michael Jackson fake his death just like Elvis did?

Anyone that has done a little research knows that Elvis faked his death to escape his life. I’ve seen the proof, and he signed HIS OWN death certificate.

I suspect Michael Jackson is doing the same thing to escape his life. He owes millions of dollars in debt that he will be unable to pay. He’s washed up and I think he knows his tour was going to be a colossal flop. So he faked his death to escape life gracefully. I think he’s going to have another plastic surgery and withdraw from life and live abroad.

The never had what you would call a normal life
look at him from black to white
in 1993 he was accused of
many times masturbating a boy
with his hand and his mouth
the father of the boy asked for 20 million dollars
he was currently in debt for over 400 million dollars
the tour was scheduled to make him 40 million dollars
in 2004 he was imprisoned in his home he had multiple masks
just so he could be in public and have a normal life
Im sure he really dose love all his fans but he has over 1 billion
fans thats 1 billion against 1
also 2008 he told his family and friends that he wants to escape but
no one took him seriously
the idea of faking his death was from his well known idol Elvis Presley
and 2006 he got marry’d to the daughter of his idol Lisa Marie Presley
so he probably knows the truth about elvis being alive and in hiding as a 74 year old man.
also his kids always have been out of public always had masks his youngest prince the second also known as blanket never had been public now days before his death he takes his kids unmasked out in public.. because they are not his real kids
he wants to keep the identity of his real kids hidden.
his body was last seen alive because you will not and never find a photo of him being dead
now why would they hide that?
and where will they burry his empty casket?
no one knows.
and the memorial that was held today believe it or not but that made 80 million dollars
all the man wants is a life
in the last 2 years he mentioned South America, Canada, Russia, Kenya, Japan and Australia and the whole escaping…

he is in history now for sure but if he feels that he recovers his pain then hopefully in a couple years he will come out and tell his fans the truth how he wanted a life and just rest and if then he is up for a concert it will be the biggest in history thats for sure.

im sorry to all his fans who have to think he is dead but you say the right words now that he is hidding he really will Rest In Peace