Meaning Life Death

What is the meaning of life? why life and death?

Why life on Earth ends in death?

A recent survey revealed: • Quarter (27%) of people think the meaning of life is to help others with love and make a better world • 20% think that is to reproduce and pursue their genes and the human race • 20% say it is to seek the truth and create meaning for ourselves • 10% believe it is learning to serve and worship God • 10% say it is to find happiness, while 10% cite • no sense. Science is trying to prove that – although there are many meanings how to find food, water and shelter to stay only with life, raising a spirit of learning things to help achieve this goal – it is a fundamental objective behind all these elements. This shows that in its level More fundamentally, everything – absolutely everything to see and experience – is made of energy. Everything, including life, is the result of this flow of energy and interaction. Scientists such as Schneider and Sagan have shown that the energy flow created life. Still not convinced – Explore ways to be physically composed of chemicals of 25 or less – like everyone else. So how are you different? While all chemicals can be the same, energy is mixed with them is different in each of us. For example, although all have bodies with similar brains with a similar number of nerves each, how the nerves are connected is different in each of us. Experiences, learning and neural connections following are unique and that that allows you, makes your personality. Science can not accurately tell us exactly how your character's personality and works, but you know you we have one that looks through the mirror every day. Your character can not be easily visible, even the location described or referenced in terms scientists, but – by the interaction energy. It's the same with your soul. As such, an important part of you is energy, in particular, how it flows and energy balances. Although the purpose of life could be to help the flow of energy, the same laws of energy indicate that the sense of his own life is finding and reporting information and then use it to achieve change through a certain type of work. Science Is the echo of Scripture that suggests that you have your own unique "gift" to be used? What is your power to make you better? It can be as simple as determining what really passionate or what you do best. Unfortunately, many of us are not. As such, within the meaning of individual life is to discover what your best flow of energy within you. How energy is best used varies for everyone. Therefore, everyone has a slightly different meaning to another person. In short, while the purpose of life is to help the flow of energy, distribution and balance, his sense is capable of determining how he does best, make helps your energy flow better. Vote on what the meaning of life is