Matter Of Life Or Death

what if we can do if we suspect Medical malpractice? I literally believe this is a matter of life or death!!

My aunt is suffering from a serious staph infection in her heart due to dirty utensils used in surgery last year. The hospital itself admitted to this, but since their son (power of attorney) was not aware of what this actually meant he did not thin twice. I want to know if there is anything we can do to try to make this right. I don’t believe a person held in this high standard should get away with treating hundreds more people with the same carelessness> Someone please help. What can my cousin do in this situation, is there anything we CAN do!? My aunt is a diebetic, she also has heart problems and the two doctors she is seeing go against eachother about what medications the other is giving her. Literally throwing them in the trsh and offering their own suggestions every appt. We need some advice!

Talk to a lawyer,or
Every state has a Medical Board where you can file a complaint against any licensed physician in that state. Do a yahoo search for your particular state and when you find it there should be info on how to go about it. Keep following up until somene contacts you.
I hope your aunt makes a full recovery.