What is a good discussion on the issue of arranged marriages?

I wrote a summary of an article arranged marriages on the Hindu society in India, but I can not think of a question of good discussions to have the class. Ask about too obvious an answer since I am in California. I would really appreciate some ideas for people to participate. Thank you.

# What are your criteria for choosing a life partner? # Rate potential requirements in order of importance to you: it seems / sexual chemistry / personality / religion / the academic / silver / / ethnicity of the family's interests and background to the approval of family and community / leisure / # How to find a partner in your culture? (Social Networking / Personal ….) # Do you prefer to pay special attention to a wedding before or go to chemistry and later divorce does not work? # Approval of the parents is important to you? # Do you think the trial and error is a good way to find a partner or support / pedigree test "Gotra" is essential (to eliminate accidental incest) # If a computer generated set of "dating choice" were made available to you based on your criteria, would you be willing to go to blind dates to give it a shot? If your parents have made a series similar "dating options" for you, would you be willing to go on blind dates? Sorry if the partner or "chosen" to someone