Marriages In The Us

marriages in the us
Does a foreigner-foreigner marriage in the US qualify for L2 visa of my new wife?

Hello, I plan to get my long time girl friend over to the US, because I am now living and working here under an L1 visa since a while and terribly miss her. We have different nationalities and marrying in one our home countries would create big hassle for both of us (paper-wise), would take alot of time and also money. According to what I found in the internet I could marry her here in the US with just a passport of us both and she being here on a tourist visa. Is that correct? If yes would she qualify for an L2? Is the US marriage certificate enough for that or would we have to register the marriage in our home countries as well? Thanks.

If you have a valid L-1 visa and are working in the field and company who applied for you, your wife is entitled to L-2 status as soon as you marry, wherever you marry. If you are both in the US, then she can file for a change of status (from, presumeably, B-2 to L-2) using your valid visa and your US marriage certificate.