Marriages End In Divorce Statistics

marriages end in divorce statistics
Is there an actual “true love” in this world?

Statistics show that 1 out of every 2 marriages will end in divorce and last time i checked marriage is supposed to be forever. I see plenty of old people that have been together for decades but then again when they were younger there morals on relationships were different than the ones today. Idk, I do believe in love, and lust, but does true love still exist?

i personally think no there isn’t. i think there is the ones that make it happen and are strong enough to work it out. i also think that there are those few couples that are happy together all the time. but mainly…there is mr and mrs. good enough. sure you may see alot of old people still together, but that don’t mean they still love eachother in that way…and we don’t know their pasts either. my grandparents are still married but they didn’t have the greatest relationship throughout the years, and they talk about divorce all the time, but they still stick together, go out to lunch at noon everyday even though most of the time they can’t stand eachother. don’t let the eye fool you..