Marriage Vs Divorce

marriage vs divorce
Divorce -vs- Man’s Day—-Can in it actually help? The once a year pill to save a marriage.?

Over half of all marriages end in divorce.Why? Grown apart? He doesn’t pay attention to me? He used to treat me so nice. Chances are he treated you so nice because he was sexually satisfied. Women are coded different than men. Women want love and a husband to treat them like a queen. Men want love too but are also very sex driven. Ask any man and i guarentee something sexual comes up everyday at work (i.e. Man did you see what she was wearing today). Here’s a thought… Man’s Day! Once a year men are allowed to have one free night to be with whomever they want. 98% of men have thoughts about other women and whether it’s 3 years and 1 kid later or ten years and 3 kids later there is a good chance of divorce.Everybody loses in that situation. If they can look forward to that 1 day a year knowing that it’s there, whether they use it or not, i would almost guarentee men would treat their women the way they deserve to be treated. i don’t have enough space here to elaborate but…..

Are you kidding? You’re advocating an open relationship, and I don’t really see how that could solve existing relationship issues. How can you guarantee that this ‘once yearly affair’ won’t drive a further wedge between partners? Forming emotional and physical attachments to another person when you are in a committed relationship is a recipe for disaster.

One way to cut down the divorce rate is ensuring you are ready to commit to one person for life. Marriage isn’t an obligation and societal pressures shouldn’t play a role in convincing 2 people to marry.

Finally, divorce can be a positive thing. If both partners are unhappy in the marriage children in the relationship can sense this. In a case like this, it might be better for both partners to move on.

Any way you look at it, these issues stem from communication issues, so perhaps rather than a ‘ relationship cheat day’ you should advocate a yearly session with a relationship counsellor!