Marriage Problems Divorce

marriage problems divorce
anyone wna help, marriage/divorce problems?

any one want to tell me there problems to make me feel better about my own ? really need to know there is ppl that have had marriage break ups worse than mine, to stop me thinking that I am the only one out there with this problem? make me feel better about my own one please? its really gonna have to be bad to compete with mine tho?

That’s the problem with the pain of a break up, no one has it worse than me. Unless I miss the mark you didn’t say what your problems are.

You want to feel better? Time is the great healer, unless you want to roll in self pity forever. Watch movies that make you cry, listen to songs that remind you of when. Eat ice cream and self indulge in sleep. Don’t shower sit around and smell bad for a while.

Than get up off the couch dust your self off take a shower and start living life again.

No person is worth a life time of h*ll. You will feel bad, but you don’t have to let them make you feel bad forever. The best revenge is to do better, “no white flags above your door”.

27 years I enabled a cheating, lying, worthless, manipulative drug seeking, perverted and down right lazy *ss take me for the ride of my life. The affairs tore me apart until in a drunken stupor he had sex with a man friend and I didn’t care any more.

Geezz you made me think about him again, but thats ok cause I know my life is better now.