Marriage Green Card Divorce

marriage green card divorce
Green Card Marriage/Divorce/Remarriage?

I am getting a divorce from my husband who is from Poland. We were going through the Green Card process and are almost at the end. I am nw engaged to someone else who is not from the US. Most likely I will petition his Green Card. NONE of these relationships were fake, they are both very real. Its just how things ended up. Will my new husband to be have problems getting a green card because I sponsored before?

I could only surmise that you are helpful. . . because you will be instrumental to your new boyfriend’s acquisition of green card.

However, on the aspect of love or feelings for you. . . that you should be careful about.

Try to answer these:::::::

1. How long have you known each other?
2. Do you know his full circumstances? Knowing that he
is not a US citizen?
3. If he’ll dump you later, will you have the strength to
accept another blow in your marriage?

If you can answer those with all honestly and still believe that the guy you are about to petition is all worth the fight, then go for it.

After all, what’s to stop love from growing? Really now, i believe that love can really move mountains and cross seas to make it happen.

God bless girl!