Marriage Divorces

marriage divorces
Can someone go for second marriage if the case of first marriage divorce is in Court?

There is a scenario where a person live with his wife for 15- 20 days after the marriage. Now after 2 years, on mutual consent the case of divorce started processed in Court ,,,,and the final hearing is expected after six month. This marriage was never registered. Now if the boy wants …can he go for second marriage on the basis of 1) the case of divorce has started and 2) the first one was not the registered one . Please suggest.

If the first marriage was not registered there shouldn’t be any need for a divorce since that marriage is legally non-existent. If the first marriage does require a divorce for dissolution, then it IS valid and no other marriage can legally take place until the final divorce decree is issued by the court. Better check carefully before attempting a second marriage. If you jump the gun, the second marriage may not be valid and you will have to do it all over once you are legally free. Also, in some states you could be in trouble for bigamy.