Marriage Divorce

marriage divorce
Reasons why marriage/divorce laws should be changed?

I have a persuasive essay that pertains to a law that I think should be changed. I need at least 3 reasons why, but for some reason my mind is empty. I believe that it should be a lot harder to marry and divorce, but I couldn’t think of anything why. Besides the sanctity of marriage is lost

Thank you

1. You should be able to get married regardless of gender or race.

2. You should be able to get divorced immediately, with no-fault provisions, with the court reserving pre-marital asset divisions and child support issues. In bankruptcy you file and whatever you owned prior to filing belongs to the trustee, so why can’t you do that in a divorce case?

3. All divorce laws should not only be gender-neutral and unbiased, but they should be applied in a gender-neutral way so that a father or mother has an equal chance of getting residential custody of the children. Today most courts are biased in favor of the mothers and rarely give custody to the fathers.