Marriage Divorce Search

marriage divorce search
how to get divorce immediately after marriage ?

I got married four moths back. it was an arrange marriage . but after getting married i realized that there is no compatibility with my wife . her temperament, behavior , nature , outlook nothing which suits me . I dont have any physical relation with my wife .I have tried my level best to search a single thing in her which may compell me so that i can spend life with her.but now i thnk it is just not possible . Now i m looking for getting divorce but my in laws threatening me to put me and my family behind bars under prevailing laws of IPC, if i will try to get divorce .She is also not willing to get divorce. we have not demanded any dowry in marriage.How to take divorce .?

You have no ground what so ever to get this marriage dissolved from what I see in your case. The question of annulment of the ground of non-consummation of the marriage by virtue of the impotency of the respondent (wife) cannot be proved as you won’t be able to prove her impotency in court by the medical evidence, so forget this ground. Other then the various grounds for divorce don’t fit in your case & more so for the purpose of divorce you cannot file any petition for divorce within first year of marriage & in your case its only four months old marriage. Even if you try to get divorce on the ground of non compatibility which is no available ground in the Indian laws & try bring that under the category of mental cruelty that won’t be taken by the court fit case for granting you decree of divorce rather your case will be referred for family counseling by the District Judge whoever presides your divorce case. Better try out settling this issue by making her to agree for divorce by mutual consent which get you out even if that petition is filed after one year of your marriage, in the mean time try convince her & her family member for this by offering them handsome money as Alimony for agreeing for divorce by mutual consent.