Marriage Divorce Procedure

marriage divorce procedure
i had a court marriage done 2 months ago but now need divorce. what is the procedure & how long will it take?

My husband is in u.s & we dont get time for each other & i found him dating other women

Very vague question! You have not mentioned where in the world you got married to the person & what are your nationality of both & where you both live now. I shall presume you both got married according to civil form of marriage in India under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 which you call as court marriage here. Now your husband is in US but you are still in India & unable to be in touch with each other, hence want to dissolve this marriage by the decree of divorce. In such situation you can only file petition for divorce after one year of marriage & in your case this marriage is only 2 months old. First you wait for a year to pass then only decide to move for divorce either by mutual consent or by using any of the relevant reason applicable in your case such as cruelty etc for getting this marriage dissolved. There are certain exceptions to the general rule for dissolution of marriage can be allowed only after one year of marriage, but those cases of exceptional hardship or depravity to the parties depends on the various reasons to be checked & decided by the court if are in satisfaction, the marriage can be dissolved within one year of marriage. This is a brief I have given here regarding process of divorce but unless full details with regard to marriage & the parties is given to me I won’t be able to give any further detailed reply.