Marriage Divorce Islam

marriage divorce islam
Which other religions besides Islam allow specifically-designed short-term marriages with easy divorce?

Temporary marriages are an exciting concept which seem limited to Islam (shi’a call it Mut’a, Sunnis have misyar). They let you easily marry and divorce someone within a short period of time with few obligations. This is very practical.

– Christianity makes divorce almost impossible, which is impractical.
– Buddhism has no opinion on marriage or divorce, so temporary marriage is permissible.

How about other religions, like Judaism?
Older and Wiser- Judaism is quite different from Christianity when it comes to divorce. How old and wise are you exactly?

It is called handfasting and lasts for a year and a day with the chance to make it permanent, but it is with the understanding that any children of this union should be raised equally even after the separation. A pagan/Wicca tradition. Also Celts, druids and Irish/Scott use to do this all the time. However if you are just doing it go bed-hopping I would suggest taking up with an adult swing club. There is more than enough swapping to give you a variety without a quickie divorce.