Marriage Divorce America

marriage divorce america
Why do people blame the Equalist movement for divorce? Divorce rates shot up in America in the early 1960s …?

… long before feminism as an idea took hold.

Feminism came afterward.

Marriage was a turkey long before 2010 guys!

The concept of women being independent and the political movement was simply a reflection in the wake of marriage failure and divorce becoming epidemic in America in the very early 60s

The failure of marriage in America caused the necessity for a political/societal/legal/non-religious movement to be put in place whereby women could be independent.

Why do people put the cart before the horse in this debate?
Divorce becomes epidemic in the 1960s in America and the rest of the world follows suit.
Mama Outlaw:
The sexual revolution happened. Prior to Fembots.

i think the misunderstanding of feminism makes them think it caused failure of marriage. its not true!