Marriage Divorce Advice

marriage divorce advice
Any tips or advice for a succesful marriage?

Well, I’m 19 and I’ve only been married for two and a half months. I’ve been reading through this marriage and divorce thread for the past couple days, and I have to say I’m a little scared! I love my husband like crazy and I really want to be with him (happily) forever. Things are going great right now, but I just wondered if maybe you guys could tell me what’s made your marriage work or what caused your marriage to fail so I can make sure my own marriage is successful. Thanks in advance!

Marriage is Marriage, it shouldn’t matter how long you’ve been married! You absolutely will have doubts in how successful your marriage might turn out to be, but all you can do is be yourself and a beautiful, loving, caring, supportive wife! You should think about it like this, you are so anxious how your first job might turn out for the first couple weeks. You’ve been stressed and lacking in daily rest, meals, and exercise. Your job is extremely important to you, you absolutely do not want to get fired at any cost, and on the other hand. You can’t motivate enough to drive your car to work due to being exhausted to lack of sleep, due to an upset stomach, and your whole body feels numb from not being active. You are a complete mess on your first day! If this cycle continues you will get fired. In marriage terms, you found something, but in this case it’s a someone you don’t want to disappoint. You want to succeed for this to be a successful marriage, and you will do anything in your power for that to happen. Mind over matter is one of the strongest words possible, if you set your mind for what you want, work on the goal, and just cherish every happy moment as if it was your last, it will absolutely happen for you. But you have to remind yourself, all because I set this in my mind will not mean it will come true if I ignore what I need to do. I will suggest be yourself, be kind, be mad when you need to be, try your best, keep an open mind, cook for husband when he gets home from work or vice-versa, don’t say you love him every second, and be the best overall wife you would be proud of in the future.