Marriage & Divorce

marriage & divorce
Can i take Divorce on the ground of Mental health (Schizophrenia)?

My wife is taking below tablets for her mental health problem for around 5 years[i.e. before marriage 4.5ys + after marriage 3months]
1. Sizopin 50mg
2. AMP-MT 20mg
3. AMAZEO 50mg

this has been identified within 3months after marriage. in many forums, i can see sizopin tablet will be prescribed only for Schizophrenia. but she is telling tablets are for Sleeping disorder[i.e. sleeping pills] only.
Please advice.

thanks in advance
thanks a lot for your answer. here things are not going good. so i thought of getting divorce on the ground of mental health.
could you please confirm disease for the tablets which i mentioned?


Just because your wife has a mental disorder doesn’t mean you need to end it. I had a perfectly good relationship with a woman for years that was on all sorts of meds for mental problems-fyi:it failed later for issues unrelated to her illness. Point being, you need open communication. I too had concerns in our relationship about her meds but we talked things out and came up with a plan. In our case she allowed me to join her to see her therapist and doctors to talk over her treatment plan and to help me understand what was going on. It really helped put both of us at ease and the way we did it was by having a lot of open communication and working on it together. This is what you should both be concentrating on and working together on. “Sleeping disorder” may indeed be the reason for certain pills-I learned from her doctors that a lot of the mental illness meds have a lot of varied histories. Many had very different uses before learning they also helped mental illnesses and vice versa. Work on this as a team!