Marriage And The Bible

marriage and the bible
what does marriage have to do with the bible, Hindu’s were getting married long before the story of adam and?

eve was ever created. And many people get married by a judge or an official that has nothing to do with any religion. Why do those who always oppose gay marriage site the bible, like it’s where the idea of marriage comes from or something?

I think you are mixing metaphors. Nonetheless, opposing the redefinition of marriage has nothing to do with any religion, even if they agree. The best way to actually understand (if that is your intent) is to first understand what role marriage plays.

Marriage is the ideal standard of behavior for an orderly society. Nothing more, nothing less. Thousands of years and hundreds of cultures all have come to the same definition of the ideal standard: one man, one woman in a monogamous relationship and all the offspring being the result of that relationship is best for society at large.

It does not mean anyone has to get married. It does not mean anyone cannot love whomever they choose. It does not even mean that the man and woman have to be in love at all. You can live with whomever you wish, love whomever you wish, produce all the children you want with as many other people as you want but none of that will achieve the ideal for an orderly society.

Societies thoughout history have found this ideal standard to insure the best results. So, they gave it a status greater than any other. A lot of celebration and privleges have been associated with it and special status assigned to those who agree to live by it, too.

There can only be one ideal. You cannot redefine the ideal without destroying the ideal. So, if gay people or anyone else chooses to have some kind of special status they should be allowed to do so. But under no circumstances can it be called marriage.

You can’t give Oscars to people who have nothing to do with movies, can you? That is because it has a standard. You can’t award first place to anyone who crosses the finish line of a marathon other than the one who does it in the least time. That is the standard. Change the standard to include anything but the ideal and you have no longer got an ideal standard. It has nothing to do with religion.