Marriage And Divorce Records

marriage and divorce records
Big fire!! Where to find copies of divorce records?

I recently lost all of my personal information in a house fire and am scrambling to cover all of my bases and obtain a copy of all of my records that were destroyed. I am a little frazzled right now so I am not sure where to begin. Right now I am needing to find dissolution of marriage records from my first marriage. Does anyone where I need to look for those on the internet?

I work in the vital statistics office in Washington and that type of information can be obtained through the vital statistics office in the state that you were married in. You can either go to the courthouse and find the office there or just call and find the closest one nearby.

Keep in mind that you can look at the information free, but it will cost you if you want a copy of that record. If you do not live in that state and are in need of other personal records, you can kill a lot of birds with one stone if you just check out a database website that can look up all of that information for you.

The one I have used personally is Many of these online databases can access millions of individuals through their database. Plus, they update them more often. You can get all of your record hunting and copies done quickly and efficiently. It sure beats tracking all of that information down yourself. Anyway, I hope this helps and good luck recovering from your loss.