Marriage And Divorce Laws

marriage and divorce laws
Do you think that boys should be taught about marriage, divorce and loss of rights and money at school?

To help them to make a more informed decision as to if they should take on this convention? It is after all men who are expected to “Pop the question”.

I went to a private school and we had one lesson a week called “Culture and life studies”. In this among other topics, we were taught about marriage laws, divorce, child custody etc. We were shown graphs and made aware that once a man is locked into marriage, it is a gradual erosion of his rights as laws change.

The lessons were of benefit as for the fifteen boys in the class, only one is divorced. One is gay, five are married/de-facto and the rest of us just have casual relationships with women.

Most of the boys from my school went on to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants etc as we did not do the government education curriculum, but did a boy friendly one.

Yes, but your case is very unusual.
The true nature of marriage is rarely discussed.
For feminists the bias and slavery of men through current marriage law and bias against males in court is a good thing, women benefit financially, feminists take the credit and justify their sexism with lies about the plight of women, men are viewed as always at fault and evil thus justifying their unfair treatment.
Feminism has made marriage a money making endeavor for lawyers, feminist organizations, and the government. The money they are taking is from men.

Marriage is a business contract where breaking the contract, by either party, can and usually will penalize the man. Slavery is illegal in this country, but being forced to work to pay child support and having your possessions stolen under the threat of jail is perfectly legal in the case of marriage.

Some people have great marriages, but in all cases, when a marriage fails it is the men who pay.

Lets do some math:
Over 50% of marriages fail (70% of the time initiated by the woman)
Of those who stay married 50% are miserable.
That leaves a 25% chance of being happily married.
Of the 75% who’s marriage is a tragic mistake, the men are to blame and must pay.
Not just pay for getting out, pay for years after and loose half of anything they already have.
Those who stay, pay dearly, the woman knows she can divorce him, he knows she will destroy him in court regardless of her actions, he is her slave.