Marriage And Divorce Articles

How do you feel about articles who say how divorce hurts children and that children need their father more?

than twice a month in their life ? Do you think its all angry white men who want to limit womens freedoms women liberation and want to make marriage a cage for women again, bitter about how men can be removed from the family home and still be made paying ?
psychedelic, removed from his home and not leave his home because he wants out.
roxy the times where divorce was reserved for abusive violent relationships are long gone.

My father left, when I was very young and I will tell you that my brother and I were RELIEVED.
When he was at home, we could not make any noise because he was studying, we could not invite friends because it bothered him. We could not watch TV, because again we bothered him. If we dared to knock at his door to talk to him, he would get very angry. Everybody was walking on egg shells.
Both my parent would have these horrible fights, and I even watched how my father broke an umbrella on top of my mothers head. He would disappear for days and days and brag about his many conquests, to my mother (that was cruel).

One day, my mother took my brother and I on a short vacation, when we came back, my father was not there anymore. The house got lively, music was played, my mother and us children could invite friends. It became a NORMAL home.
Do you think my father helped my mother who had been a stay at home mother for years? NO, it was a way of controlling her.
My mother went back to work, was humiliated as she was so out of practice, but made it and could pay for our education.

My father? Well he had a second family we didn’t know about (nice eh?) and he had been with them since my brother was born!!
My father was not rich, but very famous. That second family became in the eyes of everyone HIS family. It was strange, but I will tell you. The hurt was NOT because of the divorce/separation, the hurt came from HIM, as he acted like the center of the universe and was uninterested in all his children.

So no divorce in this case liberated ALL of us, even my mother that years later found a man that treated her with respect and love

p.s. Forgot to say, my father also had problems with alcohol