Marriage After Divorce

marriage after divorce
What does the bible say about marriage after divorce?

I am a Christian and am married. I have been unhappy for many years. My husband is not a Christian. I have been emotionally abused for most of the marriage, and have finally decided to divorce this man. I have recently met a wonderful man, a Christian man, and we love each other completely. Our love is pure and we have not crossed any lines. There has been no adultery in the physical sense, although emotionally, my heart belongs to him. Will God forgive us and allow us to be together? Does the bible talk about this?

1 Corinthians 7 is your best source: Actually , If you are currently married you are committing adultery, for it is already in your heart to do so to another. The Bible give you an out of the marriage you are in because you are abused, and Christ says this is not a way to treat a woman. so divorce and then remarry the one you love.