Marital Separation

marital separation
What should be expected of husband that wants to reconcile after 2yr separation?

My husband & I had talks of reconcile after 2yr separation due to his infidelity with another woman.

I have so much hope for our family. But, it seems his apology has been less than sincere. He has yet to move back to marital home. It pains me to think he is still sharing his time, body & efforts with his other woman.

How can he continue to live like this? What should be expected if he is really sorry & ready for reconcile?

i think you have answered it
if he wanted to make things right after his destructive behaviour then he would be doing everything in his POWER to make things right

good for you that you have the power to forgive
i was cheated on after dating my husband for 10 years then married for 2 years – i found out he had cheated on me and it destroyed me.
i tried to forgive and move on but i found myself constantly going through his phone, textx, emails, his car – i didnt believe him when he was out with his “friends” or at “practice” (he was a musician) i hated the person i was becoming and i hated not being able to trust him so i ended the relationship.

do what feels right to you
do whats best for YOUR life
life is too short to go through unhappy

good luck & enjoy life