Marital Records

marital records
Does he need my signature to sell the marital home?

The divorce was final in October 08 and I let him keep the house. I’ve given him quit claim deeds signed and notarized several times however he refuses to go file them and says he just throws them away. I was never on the mortgage, just on the deed. Well now the house is under contract and I’m assuming set to close (he shares no information with me) and as of county records yesterday I’m STILL on the deed.

So here’s the questions –

1. It’s in the martial settlement agreement that he gets the house but since he never took my name off, am I going to have to go in and sign?

2. If he really didn’t throw away the quit claim deeds I’ve given, can he take that to closing or does he actually have to go file them?

No, even when the loan was still in my name, my ex-wife still sold the house without my signature.