Lost Life And Death Download

Lost tv show sheet music?!?

I am desperate for piano sheet music to Lost’s Win One For The Reaper. A similar piece from the same show is called Life and Death, but I’d prefer the former… is there any way that I can download the sheet music for free?
pleasepleaseplease and thanks!

From my knowledge, they havn’t published any Lost piano sheet music, or else I would be all over it. The music is the best on Lost!
I am pretty good at this, I don’t know about you, but I would just my the songs on iTUnes, listen to them, and just try to figure out how to play it by ear. Thats how I learn how to play most of the songs I know. It might take some patience.
An example:
You hear the first note/ chord.
Press a key on the piano, and then depending on how much lower or higher it is, keep on going untill you have hit the right one. Then if you play it over, you can listen to the other notes around that chord, and then it all should fall into place.
It makes sense to me, I don’t know.
Or you can probably look on youtube, type in lost piano how to or something. Good luck! let me know if you do end up finding sheet music!