Long Term Marriage Divorce

long term marriage divorce
What to look for in Post Divorce Dating?

What to look for after a long term marriage ends in divorce and you’re a 45 year old man ready to date again? Go for the younger women (25-35) who have likely never been married or divorced after a short marriage with no kids? Or look for a woman around the same age who was likely in the same situation (long term marriage divorcee who may have kids)?

A little younger is ok, but you don’t want to date someone who isn’t as mature as you or in the same place. Rebounds happen but don’t expect anything more than that. If I were you, id date 38-40+ and go for women who have grown or teenage children and have been single for more than a year. I say more than a year because if your really ready to date then YOU don’t wanna be their rebound. And if you date someone with kids, they’ll understand if you have kids… Most importantly, take things slow. There’s no rush! Your in the prime of your life so enjoy all the time you have to yourself and have fun dating… it might not be like that forever.