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little mermaid
What is the difference between The Little Mermaid the animated movie and the Broadway production?

I saw on a question and answer session that The Little Mermaid: the Broadway musical has a different ending than the original movie; i.e. Ariel saves the day instead of Prince Eric. Does anyone know how she saves the day?

Here is a list of the differences between the Musical and Film (I found this on wikipedia):

The shark chase sequence that introduces Ariel and Flounder has been removed.
Ursula’s magic shell is just a large nautilus shell, whereas in the 1989 film it is a necklace.
In the musical, Ursula is King Triton’s sister, while the film left the issue open-ended.
Ursula and Triton are equal, and upon the death of their father, Poseidon, Ursula received the magic shell while her brother received the trident. Each ruled half the oceans, until Ursula’s cruelty and use of black magic led to Triton deposing her and assuming full reign over the entire ocean world.
The “Under the Sea” sequence has been moved to after King Triton destroys Ariel’s collection of human things rather than before.
The magic shell allows Ursula to spy on people, so she does not “use” Flotsam and Jetsam’s eyes as in the film.
Ursula’s alter ego Vanessa and Eric’s sheepdog Max are not included.
In place of the Vanessa subplot, there is a contest with foreign princesses singing songs to see if Eric can recognize any of them to have Ariel’s voice.
Ariel does not receive her voice back until after she is turned back into a mermaid.
In the movie, Flotsam and Jetsam are killed when Ursula accidentally zaps them with the trident; in the musical they swim away after Ariel takes Ursula’s magic shell and their fate is unknown after that.
Ursula is destroyed simply by breaking the magic shell, as staging her becoming a giant and subsequent impalement on a ship would be too complicated to stage.
Musical Numbers
The following musical numbers were written for the stage musical and not included in the original film:

The World Above – Ariel
Human Stuff – Scuttle, Gulls
I Want The Good Times Back – Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam, Eels
She’s In Love – Mersisters, Flounder
Her Voice – Prince Eric
The World Above (Reprise) – King Triton
Sweet Child – Flotsam, Jetsam
Positoovity – Scuttle, Gulls
Beyond My Wildest Dreams – Ariel, Maids, Carlotta
One Step Closer – Prince Eric
I Want The Good Times Back (Reprise) – Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam
Sweet Child (Reprise) – Flotsam, Jetsam
If Only (Quartet) – Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, and King Triton
The Contest – Grimsby, Princesses
Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise) – Ursula
If Only (Reprise) – King Triton, Ariel
Finale – Prince Eric, Ariel, Ensemble