Is there life after death?

This is a site I found that has a sagacious approach to some interesting mysteries. You may not agree with the information provided, but it is still rather interesting to view. It has multiple perspectives whether or not life exist after death, using science, religion, paranormal, and philosophy.

Enjoy your evening!
It’s funny how people do not even look at the link provided…oh well.

Bro, I simply do my best to live by Yahweh’s commandments, such as being meek, loving, etc. When I leave this earth, I want my name remembered as man that changed the world with his writing, for the better. I’m indeed a warrior for Yahweh. And Jehovah is simply the English translation of Yahweh. Thanks for actually reading the link/glancing. Most people cannot follow simple instruction, thus they do not read.

Yes, absolutely there is life after death…and that was an amazingly interesting website. Thanks so much for sharing it!!