Life Out Of Death

Is the unbridled TONGUE a WMD, if speak Bless + Curse = Accursed, Life + Death = Dead End, for all if any do?

Is it ok to speak of law: sin and death, 2 deaths of 2 laws,
if told the 2nd law is like unto the 1st law is sin and death?

Is it ok to speak of 2 deaths, and 2 resurrections,
if the 2nd is notably the resurrection of damnation,
which adds another death to the resurrection of life?

Why was night mare-ish Daniel finally told shut up & seal it?
What did JC say defiles man kind: food & drink or words?
What does Paul say about add law to grace is sufficient,
if law adds cursed to blessed, eventually death to life?
What does James say about the unbridled tongue?
What comes out mouth of priestly guy in Rev 1:16?

What are your thoughts on shut up about law: sin & death?

Sin = Nonexistent
Death = End of life