Life Or Death

if your mother or father was in a life/death situation, would that effect your game?

dirk nowitzki’s father was like on the brink of death last year during the playoffs, but he didnt say anything, and insider from the mavs found that out from dirk’s sister [who works for the nba]. do you think this is one reason why he didnt play so well last year,? and if this was to happen to u if u were a bball player, would it effect ure game?

When I saw this question, i knew you were pertaining to Dirk.

Thanks for your answer yesterday, or else I wouldn’t have known that. I suppose you read it from the DMN, that’s where I found the article. I googled it up after I read your answer.

But, like what Dirk said, ” As a player your personal stuff is just secondary.. People paid to see you play and perform, so as a professional we must learn how to play through stuff.”

Dirk is one kind, humble, professional, player. After reading the whole entire thing it just made me admire him more both as a person and player.