Life Is Death

Really urgent !!!!!!!! (life/ death) How can i make logitech software (quickcam)work with my lyromedia webcam?

i currently have a lyromedia webcam and i have seen all the cool things that logitech quickcam can do but when i try to use quickcam application with my webcam it says it doesn’t recognise a webcam beingthere….
please any ideas. and feel free to post long instructions
and i know a fair bit about computers but anything really complicated, i would apreciate if it was put simply
and thankyou in advance for any replies (that are helpful)
10 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer

As a rule, application software that is delivered together with a camera is for that camera only, because the software has to know about the camera internals. Obviously software like yahoo/msn etc will work because they are for general use but don’t do anything “clever”.
I doubt if you will be able to get it to work with a different camera.