Life In Heaven After Death

Does the Atheist believe in any “Life After Death” ?

Please clear this up for me.

An atheist doesn’t believe in God (gods), but does that mean they have no belief in any kind of after-life? …. or might they believe there is some sort of life after death?

I’m not referring to the Christian’s concept of Heaven. An after-life is open to interpretation.

That would depend on the individual.

At one time there were several in the forum who believed in angels, souls, and an afterlife but they seem to have disappeared. I think I may be one of the few left to believe this.

I think we have souls because of an experience I had when my step-grandmother was declared brain-dead but had not yet died. My niece and I saw a light, quite brilliant but without a beam, moving about in my bedroom. We were not the only witnesses –the dog noticed it, also.

I learned the next day that brain activity had ceased at about the time we saw the light. She died the following day. I believe we saw her soul, on it’s journey to wherever she may have been heading.

I believe in angels because I have encountered one on at least 2 occasions. In the most spectacular, a woman showed up from out of nowhere, and asked to pray for my son who was not yet three and stricken with night-terrors. This had gone on for months, and after her visit he never had another episode. Ever since her visit he has slept peacefully each night, never having had so much as a nightmare. This happened 14 years ago.

I suppose I should consider myself more of an agnostic than anything, but I’ve spent almost all of my life as an atheist and so I identify more with their camp than any other. Sometimes I suspect there may be a higher power –a supreme being. At other times I’m certain there is, and then the very next day I’m right back to being certain there isn’t.

While I may flip/flop on the possibility of a God or gods, I am certain that angels, souls, and an afterlife exist.