Life For Death 2

Star Life, Death, & Mass questions.?

Trying to figure out some answers about the life of stars etc.
Please correct me where i’m wrong.

1.All stars form from “nebulae” which is latin for “mist.”

2.The two forces competing against one another inside a star are “gravity” pulling inward, and “fusion” pushing outward.

3. All new stars are made up of elemental “hydrogen”, which is gradually changed into elemental “helium” via the process of nuclear “fusion.”

4. The major determining factor in the lifetime of a star is the star’s “____”?

5. The major determining factor in the death of a star is the star’s “_____”?

6. The first time that a new star becomes visible is when “____” begins at the star’s core.

7. Mature stars remain on the main sequence until the elemental “___” starts to fuse, then the star moves away from the main sequence as a “___”?

8. Basically, when a star dies it will eventually become one of three possibilites, which are “Black Dwarf”, “Super Nova”, or “Black Hole” (depends on “mass”)

Answer 1 is essentially correct.

Answer 2, the outward force is technically termed “hydrostatic pressure,” and is the result of fusion. Fusion itself is not a force.

Answer 3 is basically correct, except that most stars have other elements present at the time of formation besides hydrogen.

Answer 4: Stellar lifetime is mainly determined by the star’s mass.

Answer 5: The mode of death is also determined by its mass.

Answer 6: The answer they are looking for here is probably fusion, but is not entirely correct. Some stars begin to luminesce from the release of gravitational potential during the collapse, before fusion begins.

Answer 7: Stars are main sequence until helium begins to fuse, when the star becomes a red giant.

Answer 8: Stellar death results in a white dwarf for low mass stars, a neutron star for intermediate stars, or a black hole for very massive ones. This is determined by the stars mass.