Life During The Black Death

Is the stage being set for an attempt on the Presidents life?

I believe that some members of white American cannot handle having a black as the President, and what we are witnessing is the powers at work, setting the stage for for an attempt on the Presidents life. CNN reports 400% increase in death threats, unprecedented according to the secret service. I believe that white American men, including my father and brother, are embarrassed that the White House was lost to a black, cannot accept that a black is making fundamental change to our way of life (I don’t remember these disturbing levels of anger over
Hilliary care) and intentionally creating the environment for assassination..In fact, its pretty clear!

What say you?

Even if Obama was a white man, I wouldn’t have voted for’s not his skin color it’s what he’s doing that I don’t like.

Isn’t it racist to think it’s racist? You’re discrediting Obama by calling him a black president and saying that people are against him because he’s black? That almost seems racist in it’s own right.