Life Death And Rebirth

I am haveing ​​a problem with the book "A Tale of Two Cities" and want to help add something?

the message is "recalled to life "….. the idea was very strong for Dickens, and uses it as a central theme his work. He was the original title of the novel, and the question of life death and rebirth is personified in the novel through the character of Sydney Carton "for Do I have to show is how life goes cardboard to death to be reborn. My main problem is that I must use quotes in the book with the numbers page to prove my answer. Please help

Well, I do not know what version of the book you are using, but this is probably the last or penultimate page of the same: "I see a child in her womb, which leads me name … I see that child who lay on his chest and took my name, a man winning his way into this lifestyle that was once mine. "(The part after the point is the beginning of the paragraph after another.) This was part of Sydney last thoughts before dying and he is driving "the resurrection of him to" remember what life "by Charles Dickens Lucia and his son.