Life Between Death And Rebirth

what do we all beleive happens after death?

i beleive in reincarnation.

to expand on that, i beleive we pick our next life in the space between death and rebirth. so my soul sed i want to be a gay lad from liverpool blah blah blah, and thus i live this life. i could choose to be fred phelps III in my next life (or worse, sum1 who agrees with Bill O’Riley)
wen i say i belive, i mean thats what i’d like to beleive, that is my idea. i dnt have any clue what happens after death.

try and be more insightful than, we rot. yes thats wha happens to the body, but what happens to the soul?

I will be back, may take a bit, but I WILL be back.

And don’t choose to be Fred Phelps, ’cause he won’t be coming back. They have all ready taken care of that. Bill O’Reily is coming back as a drag queen.