Life And Death

How does the Pentecost story fit in with the Stories of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection?

i have to do this for my religion class and i finished the 10 other questions all i have to is finish this one i have read all of the stories in the gospel but i cant seem to make the connection

That is a pretty general question! Here’s one approach:

Pentecost is the story of the apostles, after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, receiving the Holy Spirit (as symbolized by wind and fire). As Jesus’ promised them, He is with them always, through the Spirit. From this Pentecost experience, they carried on Jesus’ message of love, inclusion and the kingdom to God to people, both Jewish and Gentiles.

Hope this helps!

Edit added later to respond to the poster below: Many Christians look at Jesus’ radical departure from the Jewish society in which he lived as a key element of his ministry. One of the most compelling and striking examples is his inclusion of those traditionally excluded. From the parable of the Good Samaritan, to Matthew, to tax collectors, to prostitutes, the list goes on and on. All are welcome, and all receive the Good News of God incarnate.

FYI, this is not theological error, but rather orthodoxy in mainstream Christianity.

And the Pentecost story flows from this central aspect of Jesus’ ministry. At Pentecost, the disciples were inside while outside, they heard a multi-lingual mix of people, talking in their own languages, separated from each other by culture and communication, unable to understand each other. The Holy Spirit blow over the apostles like a wind, and descended upon them like a flame, and they went out, and spoke to *all* the people, in their own languages, teaching Jesus’ story to everyone. This is the definition of inclusion – the Gospel is for everyone, which is what makes it so radical.