Life And Death Story

Will any hope of hearing any real news be obliterated by the death of Senator Kennedy?

I remember how any time I tried to get some real news after Jackson died all I could find were more stories on him. Kennedy was a “star” of the left for decades. So does that mean all we are going to hear is his whole life story repeated on and on and on for the next 3-4 weeks?

i guess, i have no respect for him as a pseudo Catholic man. He was a joke. He shows to me nothing of the fruits or gifts of the Holy Spirit, and has no catholic virtues that i can think of offhand. He was a divorced man to Joan , an adulterer. and a gluttony, i can go on with the seven deadly sins, that if you are in them, you are going straight to hell with that on your soul. So i predict right now he is having his judgement day, and is going straight to hell. That scripture passage, is it better for a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul in the process? i think of Kennedy in that light. He has lost his soul, and figures he marries a Jew as his 2nd wife, never heard if he had her convert, nope so he blew his chance that we are to convert even the non believers to Jesus Christ. Seems she converted him over to be unrighteous man, oops he was already before he married his 2nd wife, funny with allot of money he can still have a Catholic funeral for himself. He doesn’t deserve to be in Heaven. Sorry, no tears, when i was up at 1:30am EST he died, and I thought well that’s one politician that will definitely go to Hell without passing Heaven’s gate to see Bobby his brother, that’s the only one that could possibly be there. Sad that he won’t be united with his family but then he will be meeting Senator Alan Cranston and all the other Socialist, Progressives, ooh he will probably meet Hitler and Stalin in Hell too. Hell is the absence of pure Love which is the absence of God’s presence. So Ted, you might have gotten alot of claps for your ‘work on earth’ but what can i think that you deserve anything that can gain you Heaven? nope. sorry. Shake hands with Michael Jackson while you there for the rest of eternity.